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Our Newest book “Homeplate Advantage  is now listed in Amazon  written in laypersons terms, this book discusses the theology of rest, rest robbers and how to bring rest to your family and church.  It also describes the history of sabbath and its great importance in the area of missions and fruit.  The theology of rest will change every aspect of your life and show you how to delight in the presence of God.



AMAZON Print books are $14.99  (Black and White) and the Kindle version (color) is $9.99

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Homeplate Advantage: God's Time-in: A Solution For Stress

What is Biblical Rest?

In an age of cheap, sloshy grace and rigid legalism how does an individual, family or church navigate through the landmine of biblical rest? Is it punishing oneself by being silent for a day? Is it going to church and crowding out God and His voice? Is it celebrating ancient customs in minor keys?  Is it wrong to mow one’s lawn on the Sabbath?  Knowing GOD and His ways bring delight and peace. This translates into lives centered in Gods confidence and rest.


New study guide Coming Soon

Would you like a small group study guide for this book? Generating discussion enables participants to have the “aha” moment. Processing in ones own words deepens learning. Dig deeper into scripture regarding rest by dialoguing with others on this worthwhile subject.  Pre-order your copy today.  $10.00


REST For Families 

we value diversity, fresh input and  utilizing ones strengths.

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