Luke 2 — We read that because of us a child is born. We were the reason for the season. What? Why would you say that? All the coffee cups and posters say Jesus is the reason for the season? Yes but John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that (or for this reason) that ALL who believe in Him shall have eternal life. Luke 19:10 tells us that He came to seek and save…  First a Son, then a Savior.

Ponder this in your heart today . . . .

He didn’t come to a mosque, a synagogue or a temple. He came to a holiday party of a much different kind. The high and lofty, the low and hungry would all have equal access ….and irritate sociologists till the end of time.

Bound in cloths, little Houdini did not share His eternal secret of escape. For He was busy resting, enjoying quality time with family, He wore no superhero cape. Called “The Beginning and the End,” this plan was in the middle, to save those from the tyranny of the urgent, God chose a babe to reveal this riddle. His greatest ministry then was REST as His little blankets would unfold. God once again gathering the FAMILY, the greatest reconciliation ever told.

The gathering of the faithful, the snuggling against the breast, all had ceased from their labors for this was the season to meet their long awaited REST. Crying, cooing, burping, great works they watched on their knees, little did Mary and Joseph know this one would reach the least of these. While many may seek miracles, hear sermons, or have the cross on their mind, God restarted their second chance so the prodigals’ long lost hope,… they would now be able to find.

When we gather at the manger, where simple animals share their food, could it be that God still calls us to multiply, be fruitful and know that He alone is good? Is the real reason for Christmas looking in our Saviors face, seeing things His way, through His Word and understanding everlasting grace? While many seek out Facebook of such a different kind, is the real reason for the season knowing we were always before God’s face and on God’s heart and in His mind?

“First things first” the marriage counselors say, yet do any of the evangelists proclaim this was one of Jesus’ greatest days? The day he was still, loving and being adored, could this be the greatest accomplishment of our Savior, Redeemer and Lord? To calmly trust in His father, to posture Himself under the omniscience of His watchful eye, was this His first, obedient act even before His time to die?

Creation made, then suspended we waited for second Adam in swaddling cloths to arrive, could this be the promise of salvation, to save and sustain one such as I? To be loved and to be –loving, is the first act of our infant King, to bring a world together just to worship God and rest was a small, yet profoundly amazing thing.

Pausing to be with family and neighbors, to see a smile, to hear a cry; may not seem like the “big stuff” until we remember the original reason why. Jesus came to be with us, not just for show or ministry, He came to give us rest, heal us of our loneliness, and lovingly reconnect the ultimate, sacred Family Tree.       


                                           Renae Roche ©2015.