Rest in Community

Grace in the Kitchen – Community building

                 Team — Together we Thrive



Family Delight Time – Teamwork makes the dream work

Home – “make it easy”  


   Roast Beef

Did you know that time impacts every single arena of our lives?  

If you take a roast and rub in course salt and leave it in your refrigerator for a day before cooking it, the salt will pull the flavors out throughout the roast. Once the roast is cooked, leave it to rest on a cutting board for 10 minutes to 20 minutes and the juices will REST within it making it more tender and  moist. Dry meat is caused by a lack of rest. Hmm? Letting the juices settle and rest will create a juicy piece of meat.

I don’t know about your house but resting meat is a brand new concept to me. We are in such a rush to get things on the table we often forget about these instructions and chow down before the food has a chance to finish cooking!  When we rest do we become more – appetizing, appealing, juicy in Jesus? Saturation is a pretty good plan. 🙂

Microwave Rice or potatoes paired with steamed vegetables can be done quickly or take a second crock and let potatoes soak up their sauces.

Instant pudding – Takes 5 minutes. Top with bananas, fruit or whipped cream. If you have sprinkles the kids will love to “decorate” and play baker.

Give each participant one section of the meal to do: Setting the table, cooking the main meal, making dessert, clean-up and dishes.  If you have younger ones, give them an adult to partner with.  The simpler the meal, the more time there is for fun and fellowship.  Enjoy!