Song of Songs

I’m not one to put my hubby and I on Facebook. I read a survey one time that said that couples that do that are less happy than those who don’t. the next day this couple who put their whole engagement on a social website got in a fight and the guy murdered his spouse. I told my husband, “we’re going to be together forever.” When he asked me why, I told him that story. I figured if we didn’t put anything up that ensured great success. Lol.  He’s just not a poster kind of guy.

So, in an effort to be romantic I cut up apples one Saturday morning and displayed them on a fancy plate. I read this in Song of Songs and figured it would yield similar results.  “Come here”, I seductively said to my husband. He muttered something about being busy then sat down. Not only was he not interested in my fair apples but emphatically told me he had just had coffee and they would probably curdle his stomach. This was not going well. It certainly did not evoke poetry from my heart. The kids also did not get why they could not have these special cut apples. It was nothing like in the movies at all.

So, after several attempts to reduplicate the lovely book in scripture I confessed my plan. I was thinking he would be touched and then tell me how rosy my checks were and how much like a gazelle I am, blessing his life with my feminine beauty. I think he said something about needing to be at an appointment and thanked me for the gesture. I smiled at him with my shorn like sheep teeth and said “goodbye, my love, adieu.” Clearly I had missed some cues along the way and my Saturday attempt at being provocative had gone unnoticed. I wondered if a special perfume would have aided this little project in some way. I think I heard him tell the kids on his way out to “help mom eat up those apples – she’s acting strange.”

To the romantic, or newly married– this book evokes images of lovemaking and romance. To the seasoned couples we note the godly characteristics and note that faithfulness is much more than fleeting youthful lust. This time when I read this book there was a new appreciation. The favorite word and imperative is;


It means to beckon to come close or near. Won’t you come closer? Just like I wanted to spend time with my husband and have his full attention, God is wanting us to call Him to draw near. Sometimes we ignore Him, sometimes we keep Him at a distance, other times we come close only to flee away at the first hint of distraction. It’s been my prayer this week: “Draw me Lord”. Is it possible for us to actually pray for hunger? Do our prayers help increase that sense of longing for the Lord? `

The passage on shadowing our love –  was awesome. The language of this book is amazing and each verse brings us closer and closer to this beautiful love story. Without the urgency though, to come closer, without the bidding to not run away… it just would not be the same.

How much do we long for our love? Is it youthful zeal like when we first came to Christ? I’ve known my husband for 13 years now and I respect and love him now more than ever. His integrity, wisdom, kindness and character inspire and bless me daily. Although holding his hand still thrills me, the youthful starry eyed girl has transformed into a trusting, grateful spouse. While I don’t often see him as a running buck, he certainly resembles a doting father and faithful partner and that is poetic in my heart. Even though we love each other I still have to come near, beckon him to come close and we have to make sure the other knows we are committed and want to be with each other.

My appeal to you, to myself, to believers everywhere is to call out to God today and everyday – not a  paragraph full but just one little word that will open the Heavens and beckon God near:


Draw me into your presence Lord, into Your courts. Draw me from my sin shame and wretchedness and draw me to your loving side. Draw me to your character, love and Kingdom. Draw me till all that I am is wrapped around all that You are gentle Shepherd.

So, this wordy author leaves you with this longing, holy thought:

Without a call, there can be no response

Without a yearning, there can be no satisfaction.

Your Bridegroom waits for your desire, your passion… what will you say to Him in this moment?

Draw me, draw me after you, draw me into Your chambers Lord.

That is where we want to be, that is where we want to stay.

Draw us… and we will run after you.


Ps. Keep praying this one little word, He loves to answer your prayer!  D R A W

Draw me, draw me Lord and I will run after you      Draw me Lord/ Myron Williams