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THE BLOG page is now  up and running!  Check out the other links as well and as always THANK YOU for your support and feedback!  

We updated the counter on the site – 38,000 on previous counter. THANK  YOU for visiting and sharing the site with others. 

Through prayer and support we offer our  experience and education along with a network of resources in a variety of disciplines, to pick the very best advice for re-inventing your family or  group into a dynamic, thriving community where  you have  resiliency and peace. If you’ve dreamed of making your family extraordinary, homeplate advantage will take you there. 

This special program  points to time tested biblical principles as a guide for growth. We sit your loved ones and  our key people down together to figure out exactly what the rough spots are and introduces you to time tested solutions to bring you to new levels of wholeness.  We then work with you to create a dynamic plan of action to boost your family or group to where it should be while staying true to your values.

Limited Time Package

For a limited time only, we’re offering the Homeplate advantage program  for a special price. 
 Call for more details.